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Custom wording you would like printed on all photos. Examples: Name of the Graduate, Name of the School, Words of Congratulations, Bride & Grooms names, Acknowledge the date & year, Corporate Slogans, Recognize your type of event, theme, Person or persons being celebrated, etc.
Image(s) that you want incorporated on the digital photo frame and/or on the Mirror Screen, please send over all image files. Examples: School Mascot/Logo, Photo of your person to be celebrated, Combination Photo & Words of Congratulations, Bride & Groom images, Private Club Logo, Company Logo, Artwork for theme of your event, etc.
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Need an approximate footprint of 12’ X 10’ to include Photo Mirror, Backdrop, Printer & Stand, & Prop Area.
You get to choose your backdrop, click on the link above.
Wifi is required for seamless texting of photos via SMS service. Is WIFI available in the facility hosting your event?
A single standard 3 prong plug outlet (120 VAC) is needed. I have extension cords, but prefer pto be located within 10 feet of the outlet. Please ensure we have a dedicated power source, not a shared outlet with DJ’s or any power hungry other users. This will help avoid risk of power failure. Is a dedicated 3 Prong 120 VAC outlet available in the facility hosting your event.
Silver package only, included in Gold or Platinum Package

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